The re-emergence of marble as a countertop material

Vesta Marble and Granite has been helping customers select the materials for their dream homes for over 30 years. Because our presence has spanned decades, we’ve been able to note changes in trends, and the ebbs and flows in marble and granite popularity. For instance, the last decade saw a tremendous increase in granite kitchen installations and granite became… Read More

Tables with granite, marble, and stone tops

The classic use of stone as a table top is being revived with modern flair and requirement for practicability. Inside or outside, formal or casual, modern or traditional, a table top in granite or other stone adds beauty and functionality to your home or garden, and let us not forget our offices. Granite, marble, and other stone… Read More

Using granite and stone in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system designed to maximize the positive energy, called Chi, within a home. It represents the combination of all the forces that can change a landscape or affect human fortune. It is an art and a lifestyle that focuses on a person’s environment to help create a harmonious and balanced… Read More

Know your stone!

Welcome to the new Vesta Marble and Granite! We’ve been working on a bit of a redesign on the website, and it launched this weekend. We wanted to dedicate the first post to our blog on to a bit of a revisit on the kinds of stone typically used in home renovation projects. Read below…… Read More

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