Vesta marble and granite is committed to innovation and efficiency. As a result, we’re pleased to announce the addition of our new Park Industries FUSION 4045 CNC Water Jet Saw to our production facility in Ottawa. Precision and efficiency have been cornerstones in our commitment to quality and a job well done for our valued customers, and our new saw’s enhancement to our facility is no exception to the rule.

The revolutionary design allows fabricators to load and remove stone from the front and/or the side resulting in much more efficient material flow and greater machine productivity.

One sawing head does double duty. The saw makes fast, straight cuts and the waterjet cuts complex curves with precision.

The diamond blade cuts up to 180 inches per minute. The waterjet cuts up to 17 inches per minute. And with the saw and waterjet mounted on the same head, the change over time is the fastest in the industry – minimizing operator intervention and maximizing cutting time.

The easy touch-screen interface for the Siemens 840D CNC control unit makes the FUSION™ an operator’s dream. Production is fast, too. The operator simply lays down the material (natural or quartz surface slabs), scans a bar code to call up the program, and the machine begins its work. It’s that simple.

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