The re-emergence of marble as a countertop material

Vesta Marble and Granite has been helping customers select the materials for their dream homes for over 30 years. Because our presence has spanned decades, we’ve been able to note changes in trends, and the ebbs and flows in marble and granite popularity. For instance, the last decade saw a tremendous increase in granite kitchen installations and granite became the penultimate surface option due to its unmatched durability. Now, however, we are seeing the re-emergence of marble as a countertop option. Our customers, it seems, are remembering what we never forgot: marble’s unsurpassed elegance, its classic timelessness, and its ability to create an ambiance of welcoming.

It does seem slightly incorrect to imply that marble is a developing trend, however. Marble has, of course, been around for a long time (an understatement), and has always been extremely popular: when the Greeks needed columns, what else would they turn to but marble for its unparalleled majestic beauty and strength? The Parthenon still stands as a testament to marble’s eternal popularity.

It may be more appropriate to suggest that marble is more recently emerging as a popular countertop option in North America. In Europe, the stone has never seen a wide decrease in use, proving that Europeans may be on to something. There, marble is used throughout the home from flooring, to fireplaces and a multitude of bathroom and kitchen surfaces. In fact, an experienced baker will rejoice in the occasion to create pastry on marble’s naturally cool surface, and marble’s “clean” look instantly calms and pleases the relaxing bather. Our customers are discovering this as well, and are adding them to marble’s other list of pros including undeniable beauty and durability with relatively minor maintenance and care (For more on caring for marble in your home, click here).

Like other stones, marble variations and finishing options are many. Recently, more popular selections have been Crema Marfil and Bianco Crema, both of which can be found at our online gallery (among others). Though some extol the look of polished marble as the height of luxury, honed and leather finishes are also an option. A honed finish may make the marble appear lighter, and many users also note less visible etching with continued use. This may make it ideal for both more and less fastidious families, as it can also be more easily refinished to cloak minor wear. A leather finish offers drama and a natural texture, making it well-suited to any statement area you wish to showcase.

At Vesta Marble and Granite, we recognize the aesthetic quality of marble well beyond kitchen countertops (and bathroom ones, for that matter). Marble is exceedingly beautiful as tile on surfaces above and beyond flooring, and marble offers fireplaces enchanting yet practical (it’s fireproof!) embellishment. We’ve seen magnificent staircases constructed of marble, and we’ve installed envy-enduring marble-accented wet bars. Marble backsplashes pair beautifully with countertops of any material as well, and marble walls throughout the home are simply breath-taking. This beauty is not limited to interiors, of course, and we can return marble to nature and customize fountains, furniture and columns to create edenic exterior spaces.

We are enthusiastic about this “re-emergence” of marble as it gives us opportunity to work with a material we truly love and appreciate (after all, it does precede in our name!). We have many selections in stock, and a full showroom of available options. Visit today and you’ll be able to see marble in use, and speak to one of our experts on using marble in your home. Let us customize the perfect look for your space, and rest assured that your “dream home” will become a reality.

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