The concept of family business is not new.

After all, nearly one third of businesses on the S&P Index are family-run or controlled, including well known giants like Walmart and BMW. As Canadians, we’re not strangers to the family business, familiar icons like Loblaws, McCain Foods, and Chapman’s have blazed trails and continue to carry the successful-family-business-torch. Family businesses are driven not only by a desire to succeed but by a unique sense of pride, resilience, and passion, and they continue to make an important contribution to Canada’s economy. Locally, that includes companies like Vesta Marble.

In order to sustain a successful business, companies must foster growth and learning through the sharing of perspectives and experience. This may be the key behind Vesta’s history and even more so as a new chapter begins for the company.

More than 30 years ago, a young Nat Polito left a comfortable government job to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity that would soon see him as the sole proprietor of a premium Ottawa-based marble, granite, quartz, and exotic stone countertop provider. Building the company from the ground up, Nat was heartened by the idea that with each step, he was creating a legacy for his family – and for his employees. Today, Nat shares the Vesta reins with his son, Bruno. As President and COO, respectively, the Polito men are leading the company and its growing staff into a new era of innovation and possibility, designed to secure the company’s future for generations of Politos to come.

Nat built Vesta on a foundation of hard work, placing significant value on talent and contribution, mutual respect, and on delivering on a promise of quality. Bruno began working at Vesta as soon as he was old enough to do so and absorbed his father’s guiding principles. As a result, he knows the company inside and out and can run or fix any machine on the line and has a uniquely valuable perspective into the company’s processes, at each step.

As Chief Operating Officer, Bruno has been able to expand upon Nat’s foundation, taking the company in a more digital and environmentally conscious direction. With Bruno poised to learn from and eventually succeed his dad – the time was right to expand – both their physical space and their product offering – and so the company is now located in a brand new, state-of-the-art facility which includes a 10,000 square foot customer accessible showroom. A product of the post-internet generation, Bruno’s influence is apparent in the new facility which includes a self-contained water system and plans to include a green wall to help with air quality.

Mixing approaches – Nat’s experience and gut-instinct management style with Bruno’s imagination and innovation – will be the cornerstone of Vesta’s success as they embark on a new chapter that will inevitably include a transition in leadership. Through an inspirational concentration of respect and shared passion, Nat and Bruno spend each day learning from each other, making the company better and its future brighter. This knowledge and experience has made us one of the ideal choices to handle many of the uniquely individual needs of top architects, builders, and designers in Ottawa and the national capital region. Thanks to our traditional fabrication techniques and experienced craftsman, our countertops are created with the same quality and care whether it’s a 30-inch wide vanity, or a 100 sq ft kitchen.

Each day at Vesta, the Polito family – including Mrs. Polito, who is lending support to company processes and productivity, and their daughter Margot who has joined the staff and is an integral part of the family future plans – builds on their knowledge and successes by sharing their experiences and applying vision to practice. Knowing the company’s history so far, we’re certainly excited to see what the current and future generations of the Polito family have in store.

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