Our commitment to the environment is unwavering

At Vesta we are as passionate about the environment as we are about our work. This is why we have introduced multiple green initiatives that demonstrate eco-awareness and responsibility. We strive to reduce energy consumption and material waste to develop more sustainable work practices.  We continuously update our fabrication process in support of new energy initiatives and in hope of improving our product and community.

Water recycling

With our state of the art closed-loop water reclamation and filtration process, Vesta has achieved two things: dramatically decreasing the formidable amount of freshwater used in fabrication, as well as releasing zero waste water back into the system. The self-contained water filtration centre from Water Treatment Technologies requires freshwater only to replace that which was lost through evaporation. The 4500 gallon system cleans the stone particle laden “grey water” that is produced in fabrication. By reusing and filtering grey water Vesta is practicing proper global nutrient management and supporting healthy water cycles.

Reusing stone

When stone no longer meets the Vesta brand standard it is classified as scrap material. All scrap material from manufacturing offcuts and cutouts is recycled and donated to countless projects in the Ottawa area. Vesta does not waste any material in the fabrication process.


Precision and efficiency are what set Vesta apart from other fabricators. Our Fusion CNC Water Jet Saw is a leading design for commercial stone production that also minimizes power use. The diamond blade cuts up to 180 inches per minutes, while the water jet cuts up to 17 inches per minute. With both mounted on the same head, the change over time is the fastest in the industry – minimizing operator intervention and maximizing cutting time. This allows Vesta to fabricate revolutionary designs with a more efficient material flow, reducing both man and electrical inputs.

Vesta was awarded the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation – CIPEC leader award.

The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) is an Industry-Government partnership established to improve Canada’s industrial energy efficiency. The Leadership Award is to honour innovative Canadian companies that have demonstrated a significant and innovative contribution to energy efficiency.