Things Change…We’re Moving!

Everyone looks forward to their new or renovated home, even when they are anxious about the process of getting there!

Well, at Vesta, we are no exception.  We are very excited about our new home.

With are continuing growth in the last five years, we have had to expand our facility into three locations.  Think of it as having your living room on one street and your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom on the next street over. It is workable, but not ideal.With our continuing requirement for expanded space, it became as optimal a time as possible for the amalgamation of amenities. We are not leaving the Cyrville industrial neighbourhood, but moving showroom, offices and production together into one space.

People like to “wow” you with their Before and After pictures, although just as important are the “during”.  We believe the journey is as important as the destination and will be posting pictures throughout the process.

Sometimes it’s not about the DESTINATION, but about the JOURNEY itself.

 Author: Unknown

Stay tuned!

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