From The Quarry To The Kitchen!

The Marble Institute of America put together this video that is a wonderful and detailed overview of the how stone (granite/marble/quartzite) goes from the quarry to your kitchen.

The video includes some interesting segments about how we’ve been using stone for thousands of years in various applications. From the stone age to the roman coliseum, its practical use has maintained for such a long time because of its durability and natural aesthetic appeal – but it wasn’t as widely available as it is now. The use of stone was a sign of affluence and wealth because of its cost and the laborious (and dangerous) task of literally cutting it from rock formations and mountains.

The last twenty years has seen dramatic developments in technology for mining stone, reducing its cost and increasing its appeal, and it’s quite fascinating. There aren’t many materials we use in our every day lives that take millions of years to come to be. The video also does a great job of articulating how stone is chosen, fabricated, tailored, and installed for customers. As purveyors of fine stone, we appreciate the attention to detail in explaining the whole process.

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