Quartz for your dining room table? Distinctive and functional!

A table top that is practical, trendy, and unique.

When renovating their kitchens, homeowners often decide on quartz countertops. A quartz top is also a great option to consider for a unique dining room table! The beauty of a quartz top is obvious, and then there is its practicality. Spilt wine, or dropped peas, just a quick wipe-up after use or “incident” and tidying up is done. No need for protective tablecloths.

Busy lives mean that we welcome time savers, like less linen to clean and iron. Less tablecloths also means saving storage space, no more drawers or shelves needed to store that linen. And reducing the use of linens appears to be trendy. In Newcastle, at Kenny Atkinson’s new House of Tides, this modernization of fine dining is more dramatic. Keen to keep prices down, the previously Michelin-starred chef has dispensed with a sommelier and tablecloths (“I can’t spend £13,000 a year on laundry”) Your charger plates or place mats will look great on the table, although you may choose the look of setting your tableware directly onto the quartz.

No matter the size or style of your dining area, large family home for gatherings or trendy condominium, there is a quartz option for you.

Want a whole new feel? Base options are varied, whether your preference for a table base is sleek and modern such as stainless or chrome, transitional possibly of stone, copper or brass, traditional such as rosewood, mahogany or wrought iron, rugged possibly in pine or oak, maybe driftwood. Still love the base of your dining room table, but not into using protective table cloths or tired of looking at your own legs through the glass top? Just replace the top with a beautiful, practical quartz option.

The top you choose is part of your style preference. Your choice may blend in, or contrast, with your existing décor. You can go light and ethereal, with white or cream, or dark and opulent, with grey or brown, or somewhere in-between. The look will be your own, but its practicality is universal.

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