The Autore Collection by Richelieu. Available To View In Our Showroom

We’re proud to announce we are the preferred partner in Ottawa for Richelieu’s Autore Collection of designer pulls and handles.

Experience a unique collection that springs from the creative journeys of sixteen leading European designers who have fashioned utterly luxurious pulls and knobs that transcend practicality and emerge as a statement beyond trends.

Their contributions to the design world have earned them international fame and recognition. With their impressive pedigree and wide-ranging expertise in architecture, interior, industrial and furniture design, the collection’s designers have creatively married aesthetic appeal and functionality. You can see the full list of designers here.

The collection is a well-balanced series with numerous matte, semi-gloss and glossy finishes from matte metallic stainless steel and matte bronze to anodized rose nickel. Even the sense of touch becomes a central part of the experience with textured and patterned models of natural stone or ceramic imitation offered in colors that create impressive movements and perspectives.

Whether you are looking to accentuate a piece of furniture, add a decorative element or display your unique style, the pulls and knobs of this collection will leave you breathless with their aesthetic elegance.

All the pieces in the Autore collection share one fundamental element: the quality and elegance by which the materials are manipulated and transformed all the while keeping the importance of functionality in mind. The entire creation process occurs in technologically advanced, environmentally friendly facilities with high health and safety standards.

With all the expertise and creativity at play, the Autore collection unequivocally reaffirms the Made in Italy quality.

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