Should You Use A Pot Filler In Your New Kitchen?

Some considerations on this hallmark of a luxury kitchen design.

pot filler is a swing-out faucet on a long, jointed arm, mounted over the stove. Most people don’t know what they are and we often field questions in our showroom about that funny looking thing sticking out of the backsplash wall that people see in Houzz or Pinterest when searching for design inspiration ideas for a kitchen renovation. Sure, they are a practical touch. They make everything from boiling eggs to adding water to a sauce that needs to be thinned, easier. Pot fillers create professional function in a kitchen, but they can also present as many problems as solutions.


  • Increased convenience. A stock pot filled with water can weigh up to 10 pounds. You don’t have to worry about doing this any more with a pot filler.
  • Cooking in groups is easier. You don’t have to push someone out of the way at the sink to get water. A pot filler is effectively another water station – just without a sink and a drain.
  • They can add a noteworthy visual element to your kitchen.


  • They can be expensive to install. Pot fillers can range from $200-$500 + and you have to run pipe to the wall. A plumber has to lace a water supply to the pot filler itself.
  • It’s a potentially leaky faucet over your stove or range and it doesn’t have a sink to drain into.
  • It needs to be used. Many people report not using a pot filler and finding that the water in the pipe can taste off if it’s been a while since you’ve turned it on.

They’re a notable luxury touch on any kitchen reno, but they are by no means a necessity. If they don’t fit in with the general design aesthetic you’re looking at achieving or if they don’t serve a purpose that you can appreciate, they might not be worth it.

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