These are a series of learning links! Please watch the videos and take notes. This is all product knowledge training and pertinent information in learning to become a retail professional. 

Natural stone countertops. This is a primer on everything you need to know about natural material. 

What are Quartz countertops? This is the ultimate primer!

What’s the difference between quartz and granite? Or any other natural stone for that matter? Here you go…


Here’s how Quartz slabs are made. A great video courtest of Hanstone Canada. 

What are the differences between quartz brands?

Why is Cambria so great? 

What are the edge profiles you can get done on a countertop? 

What is a miter edge (waterfall edge)? 

Cabinets! Here are series of links and lessons on getting you up to speed on the cabinet side of things!

Below is a fantastic gift from OSM. This is an educational PDF of the basics of kitchen cabinets that they prepared for us. Read the whole thing. 

Here’s the basics on measuring a kitchen! Watch this!

All about shop drawings!

The basics of buying kitchen cabinets!

How I Became A Successful Kitchen Designer. A great lesson from Mark Tobin!

Different Types of Cabinets Explained!

The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Cabinets: Components, Features, and Design Tips!

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