Pantheon Danby Marble

Quarried from Mount Dorset, Vermont.

Danby marble is a symbol of classic American beauty and elegance. The material is renowned for its use in the U.S. Capitol building and the Lincoln Memorial. Danby is characterized by a creamy white background adorned with intricate veining in shades of gray, beige, or gold. The veining patterns can vary from bold and pronounced to delicate and subtle, creating a sense of movement and adding depth to the stone’s overall appearance. Each slab of Pantheon marble is a unique work of art, with its own distinct veining patterns and color variations.

In addition to its exquisite aesthetics, Pantheon marble is renowned for its durability and longevity. It is a dense and hardwearing stone that can withstand the demands of daily use without losing its luster or structural integrity. Danby Marble’s low absorption rate of 0.06% – 0.8% makes it both available and an extremely reliable choice for your project.

Country of origin
United States
3 cm
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