Jamie Hayon’s “Stone Age Folk” Wows at Milan Design Week

Stone Age Folk is the latest in a series of collaborations between the Spanish designer Jamie Hayon and Caesarstone. The artist describes the installation as “21st-century marquetry.” Tribal masks and Hayon’s signature clowns faces are featured on large-scale wall panels and presented alongside playful carousels made of Caesarstone, handcrafted furniture pieces and light fixtures. The pairing was announced by Caesarstone last year. The exhibit ran from April 4th to 8th during Milan design week and featured a pavilion constructed within the ballroom of Palazzo Serbelloni, a neoclassical palace built in the 18th century.

“A combination of art, design and architecture, this kaleidoscopic installation will be something that visitors have never seen before.  – Jaime Hayon, Designer

As per Dezen, Hayon combined 48 variations of Caesarstone’s quartz material – more commonly used for countertops in kitchens or bathrooms – with stained glass and metal to create the pavilion. It comprised a series of frames featuring abstract depictions of faces inspired by folklore from around the world.

Demonstrating the versatility of Caesarstone’s engineered stone, dining tables, small coffee tables and cabinets became bird-like characters and animated faces. Together, all the pieces contribute to the kaleidoscopic feel of the installation and enable the visitor to playfully interact with the material in a fresh, unexpected way. Check out Jamie Hayon’s site here.

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